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Retraction of Disciplinary Measures against Members of Jongyojo Demanded
Pyongyang, July 16 (KCNA) -- Assemblymen from the Democratic Party of south Korea on July 13 urged the puppet minister of Education, Science and Technology and other to retract the disciplinary measures taken against teachers under the "National Teachers Union" (Jongyojo).

They went to the minister and the superintendent of Education in Seoul that day. Noting that the disciplinary measures taken by them against teachers of Jongyojo and indictment made against them for the mere reason that they participated in the actions issuing a declaration on the situation obviously amount to double punishment, they urged the educational authorities to stop the politically-motivated suppression of them.

In another development, the chairman of Jongyojo launched indefinite sit-in hunger-strike in Seoul on July 13 in protest against the suppression by the Lee Myung Bak fascist dictatorial regime.

He denounced the Lee group for having taken the disciplinary measures against the teachers after branding them as "criminals" for having waged the movement for issuing the declarations on the situation demanding the Lee group stop its misrule.

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