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Struggle to Judge Lee Myung Bak Called for
Pyongyang, July 15 (KCNA) -- Members of civic and public organizations including the All-People Committee for Measures against the Murder of Evacuees in Ryongsan, figures of opposition parties, religionists and bereaved families of the slain evacuees of south Korea held a meeting in Seoul on July 11 at which they called for judging traitor Lee Myung Bak without fail.

Speakers said at the meeting that it is half a year since the tragedy in Ryongsan, but the probe into the truth behind the tragedy has not yet been made and the prime mover of the murder is allowed to go scotfree.

The tragedy in Ryongsan brought into bolder relief the undemocratic, anti- human rights and unpopular nature of the present "government" and the "Grand National Party", they held, adding that Lee would be surely forced to kneel down before the people just as the past fascist dictators did.

No regime can prevail over the people, they declared, calling upon all the political parties and civic and public organizations to get solidarized and united and judge the incompetent, mean and arrogant Lee conservative ruling forces without fail.

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