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Father of Nation Always among People
Pyongyang, July 8 (KCNA) -- The immortal services rendered by President Kim Il Sung who made a new history of creation and construction for the people and established the man-centered socialist Korea with his outstanding and seasoned leadership will be conveyed down through generations.

He initiated the great cause for the people and blew any fabulous wealth which went against the interest of the people. This great fatherly love of his has provided all the happiness of the people.

Uam in the northern tip of the country is marked with the footprint of the President who pushed his car on a muddy path, saying that he should go and see wherever people were living. And a rural village on the west coastal plain is associated with a touching story about the President who waited for daybreak outdoors, exposing himself to cold dew, lest that the family of a house wake from a sound sleep.

He at one time crossed a river by a wooden boat and went to a co-op farm to indicate the way for peasants to improve their living by themselves and on another occasion he ate a boiled maize ear as substitute food. As seen above, he had covered the road of devotion for the happiness of the people throughout his life.

He grasped unreservedly greasy hands of workers at a factory and when officials held him back from entering dangerous working site, he went into the site without hesitation, saying why he couldn't go there where workers were always working. Sometimes he transplanted rice seedlings together with peasants on a paddy field and detailed the farming method, walking along a ridge between rice fields.

Thanks to his devotion to the people, such edifices named after "people" as the People's Palace of Culture and the Grand People's Study House have come into appearances and a people's paradise has been built on this land.

Indeed, the President worked without sparing himself and with heart and soul for the construction of a rich and powerful country whose master is the people and visited factories and rural and fishing villages for the happiness of the people in all weathers, putting his emphatic stamp in every nook and corner of the country.

The Korean people, therefore, will keep deep in their hearts for ever the boundlessly benevolent image of the President who used to carefully listen to the simple words of the people, regarding them as his teacher.

The President was the only great father of the people and peerless great man in history, who devoted his whole life to the people, finding himself among people to bestow warmest affection on them.

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