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Puppet Police's Repressive Drill Flayed
Pyongyang, July 8 (KCNA) -- The All-People Measure Committee against the Murder of Evacuees in Ryongsan of south Korea held a press conference in Seoul on July 3 at which it denounced the puppet police for staging a repressive drill after creating an atmosphere reminiscent of the scene of tragic death in Ryongsan.

The speakers at the press conference accused the police of staging the above-said repressive drill and unhesitatingly making it public through media.

They noted with irrepressible resentment that the police not only caused the Ryongsan tragedy and blocked all the memorial services for the dead but is now making desperate efforts to repeat the same murder.

The police is insisting that it was not a drill to repeat the Ryongsan tragedy but it created the same atmosphere as that reigned on the scene of murder and displayed even the slogan "Guarantee the right to existence" before hurling its "commando" into the scene, they noted, adding that this suffices to clearly show what aim it sought.

A press release read out then assailed the police for getting evermore undisguised in its fascist rampage after labeling the people's struggle for the right to existence "terrorism" and demanded that the chief of the Seoul District Police Office be fired at once.

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