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Samjiyon Music Band
Pyongyang, June 22 (KCNA) -- A performance by the Samjiyon Music Band of the Mansudae Art Troupe left deep impressions on the Korean and foreign audience.

The music band put on the stage commemorating the Day of the Sun this year revolutionary and militant songs, songs reflecting the life of the Korean people, impressive movie theme songs, songs created in the period of enlightenment and others.

The audience was deeply impressed by its instrumentalists' and singers' refined artistic talent, unaffected acting on the stage and soft rhythmic movement.

On the basis of a unique formation of musical instruments, the performers put on the stage rich orchestra with bright, graceful and deep philosophy, fresh and amusing instrumental concert and wonderful instrumental solo with high virtuosity and delicate depiction.

The performers in the glittering and beautiful costume suitable to the emotional feelings inherent to the Korean nation deepened rapport with the spectators with their natural acting. The stream of the performance was also unique.

The band depicts well the spirit of serving the people, national character, high standard of artistry, popularity and modern aesthetic tastes in the arrangement of musical pieces.

The stage is arranged in a new and convenient way for appreciation to suit the size of the formation of musical instruments and acoustic conditions and the lighting technique and effect are also multifarious to be adapted to the emotional stream of music.

It is a pride of the nation to have the Samjiyon Music Band, a peculiar and excellent art troupe of Korean style.

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