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Mental Power of Nyongwon, Wealth of DPRK
Pyongyang, June 18 (KCNA) -- The Nyongwon Power Station has been recently built as an edifice of the Songun era by the mass heroism, patriotic devotion and revolutionary spirit of self-reliance of soldiers of the DPRK.

The power station is associated with heroic feats of soldiers who worked hard in an indomitable spirit in a remote mountainous area when the country had to undergo grim trials.

President Kim Il Sung, in his great age of 70s, designated the site of the power station, going up and down mountains time and again. The soldiers heard the heart-aching sad news of his demise after they started the project on the very site fixed by him.

They did not sit down but turned their sorrow into strength and courage and built the power station inch by inch, holding high the slogan "Let us do not step back until victorious day!"

The power station would not have come into being across the Taedong River if its construction had been done only by technological calculation, established construction methods, physical strength and wisdom.

It is a precious fruition born by the great mental power to win the victory by themselves with firm belief in it.

The mental power of Nyongwon is priceless wealth of the DPRK, a powerful weapon for the building of a thriving nation, along with other spirits of the times such as the Kanggye spirit, torches of Songgang and Ranam and Thaechon spirit which had pervaded the whole country during the "Arduous March" and the forced march.

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