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Kim Jong Il Inspects KPA Division Command
Pyongyang, June 13 (KCNA) -- General Secretary Kim Jong Il inspected the command of 7th Infantry Division of the KPA located in the eastern sector of the front.

After being saluted, Kim Jong Il dropped into the room devoted to the history of the division and recollected with deep emotion the shining course covered by the division.

Saying that the division is a unit of merit as it displayed the heroic stamina of the KPA by winning brilliant victories in every fierce battle during the Fatherland Liberation War to defeat the U.S.-led imperialist allied forces, he urged the servicepersons of the unit to inherit this proud tradition and demonstrate its invincible might in the battle for devotedly defending the country in the future, too.

Then he went round military lecture rooms after acquainting himself with the division's performance of duty.

Expressing great satisfaction over the fact that the division has been prepared to creditably perform its combat duty in any circumstance by making use of training equipment manufactured by it under the slogan of "Training Is Also a Battle!", he highly praised the unit's militant training spirit and set forth the tasks for increasing its combat ability in every way.

He also went round a servicemen's hall of the division, a library and supply service facilities to learn in detail about the performance of ideological education and supply service.

Noting with high appreciation that the division has provided admirable means for cultural education to prepare the servicepersons to be persons strong in ideology and faith firmly armed with the Songun revolutionary idea of the WPK and possessed of versatile knowledge and high level of cultural attainment, he underscored the need to fully prepare all the servicepersons to be heroes of Ri Su Bok and Kang Ho Yong types in the era of Songun who are possessed of the steadfast spirit for defending the socialist country.

He said while walking along compound of the division command that he felt refreshed to see the buildings spruced up in keeping with the requirements of the Songun era and many trees of good species including fruit trees planted there. And he highly estimated the division's revolutionary way of life and its militant way of unit management.

Acquainting himself in detail with capacity, principle of operation and performance of various combined processing equipment manufactured by the unit itself, he gave a high appreciation of the fact that its officers have provided better conditions for servicepersons' diet.

Very pleased to hear that the unit has given sincere assistance to the people inhabited around the unit under the slogan of "Let's help the people" to be loved by them, he stressed that the Korean People's Army which inherited the traditions of the anti-Japanese revolution should steadily display the traits of army-people unity.

He also went round the quarter of officers' dwelling houses newly built by the unit to learn in detail about their construction and gave his thanks to the builders and stressed the need for all other units to positively follow the example.

The unit has made great changes in combat and political training, unit management and other work as a whole, he noted, highly praising again its achievements made over the past years and expressing great hope and belief that all the servicepersons would more firmly defend the socialist gains achieved in blood with the arms of revolution.

Accompanying him were KPA Generals Hyon Chol Hae and Ri Myong Su.

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