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Rice -Transplanting with Peasants
Pyongyang, June 10 (KCNA) -- Early in June of Juche 37 (1948) anti-Japanese heroine Kim Jong Suk visited the Mirim Plain where rice-transplantation was at full swing.

She told officials of the women's union accompanying her that as they were doing rice-transplantation together with peasants that day, they should do work with utmost zeal and have good influence on them. And then, she stepped in a paddy field first with a bundle of rice seedlings.

She was followed by the officials.

After quite a long time officials asked her to have a break.

Glancing at them, she said that they should not have a break separately but take a rest with the peasants and that they should share the painstaking work with the peasants, whereby to know that rice was precious and to strive hard to lessen the toilsome work of the peasants.

After seeing the peasants washing their hands for a rest, she came out of the rice field.

During the break, she sat knee to knee with women of the village and instructed them that to produce a large amount of grain was the way for the farming women to contribute to the work for building the country. And she detailed about building a reservoir to convert many dry fields into paddy fields in future and about planting soy-beans on ridges of paddies to raise the utility rate of land.

Transplanting rice-seedlings together with peasants, she implanted in their minds the lofty intention that the increased food production was the precious wherewithal for the building of a rich and strong country. This story is still conveyed to people.

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