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Lee Myung Bak Group's Farce for Confrontation with DPRK Slammed
Pyongyang, June 8 (KCNA) -- A few days ago, the Grand National Party of south Korea held a "plenary meeting of National Assembly members" at which it recklessly urged the authorities to take "strong actions," trumpeting about the "worst security crisis since the June 25 Korean War" and demanding a "halt to someone's provocation." Not content with this diatribe, the GNP set up even an "ad hoc committee for measures" to let loose a spate of anti-DPRK outbursts everyday.

Rodong Sinmun Monday observes in a signed commentary in this regard: This confrontation racket kicked up by the GNP gentries against the DPRK is nothing but a crafty artifice to fool the public and red herring as it is aimed at diverting elsewhere the people's attention in a bid to calm down the rapidly mounting anti-Lee Myung Bak and anti-"government" sentiment.

It goes on:

Traitor Lee has pursued sycophancy towards the U.S., confrontation with fellow countrymen and unpopular rule, committing hideous crimes against the nation in less than one and half years of his office. These crimes are touching off towering resentment against him among the people.

For its crimes the fate of the Lee group hangs by a thread like a "time bomb" which may go off any moment. The group, therefore, is desperately seeking a way out in the ruckus for confrontation with the DPRK, describing its measures to bolster up its nuclear deterrent for self-defence as "threat" and the like.

The present crisis in south Korea is not "the security crisis" much publicized by the Lee group but a ruling crisis of the dictators forsaken by the people.

This being a hard reality, the group of traitors is busy faking up and floating fictions intended to escalate the confrontation with the DPRK, while working hard to deceive people and make mockery of them in a bid to tide over its crisis through a smear campaign against it. Nothing is more ridiculous than this.

No matter how vociferously the Lee group agitates the confrontation with the DPRK, no one will lend an ear to its racket. With no plot can the group get rid of its ruling crisis. It is bound to meet a miserable end due to the anti-"government" struggle mounting in south Korea.

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