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Lee Myung Bak Group's Anti-DPRK Confrontation Assailed
Pyongyang, June 8 (KCNA) -- Leading officials of organizations of the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan separately released statements on June 5 denouncing the Lee Myung Bak group's reckless anti-DPRK confrontation.

Ri Han Su, chairman of the Association of Koreans in Japan for Peaceful Reunification, said that the Lee group of south Korea officially announced south Korea's full participation in the PSI by taking advantage of the U.S. and its followers' frantic racket for applying sanctions against the DPRK over its satellite launch and underground nuclear test, thus driving the situation on the Korean Peninsula to the brink of a war.

The participation in the PSI means a wanton violation and a total denial of the Korean Armistice Agreement, to say nothing of international law as it is a mechanism crafted and led by the U.S. for invading the DPRK, he held.

Choe Song Yong, chairman of the Central Standing Committee of the Korean Youth League in Japan, urged the Lee group to immediately stop the treacherous and anti-reunification moves, clearly aware of the miserable end met by the erstwhile dictators of south Korea who have been engrossed in sycophancy and treachery and confrontation with fellow countrymen in utter disregard of reunification, the nation and people.

He declared that the Korean youth and students in Japan would boost the solidarity and alliance with the youth and students in the north and the south and abroad under the banner of the June 15 joint declaration and the October 4 declaration which call for solving the issue of the country's reunification by the concerted efforts of the Koreans who are responsible for it and work hard to remove all stumbling blocks lying in the way of reunification and usher in a new era of independent reunification and peace and prosperity.

Kang Chu Ryon, chairperson of the Central Standing Committee of the Korean Democratic Women's Union in Japan, branded traitor Lee as a war maniac, ferocious anti-reunification element and traitor who put the successive military fascist dictators of south Korea into the shade.

The traitor deserves denunciation by all the Koreans as he desperately tries to ignite a war, backed by the U.S., she stressed.

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