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Lee Myung Bak Group's Anti-DPRK Confrontation Racket Blasted
Pyongyang, June 6 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the National Peace Committee of Korea in a statement Saturday dismissed the Lee Myung Bak group's recent racket for inciting confrontation with the DPRK backed by the "story about a military provocation" in the West Sea.

The story floated by the group is nothing but sheer sophism to justify its war moves, shift in advance the responsibility for possible armed conflict on to the DPRK and divert elsewhere the south Koreans' bitter criticism of the present regime, the statement says, and goes on:

It was none other than the south Korean warmongers who declared a war against the DPRK by openly announcing their full participation in the aggressive and illegal PSI despite the unanimous opposition of all Koreans and the public at home and abroad.

As the DPRK solemnly declared in its statements in the past, it will strongly react to the provocateurs with practical counteractions and mete out unimaginable and merciless punishment to them.

The puppets' military provocation and war moves will be shattered to smithereens in face of the DPRK's merciless strikes and the so-called "northern limit line" will become a pronoun symbolic of bitter defeat and tragic death of aggressors and provocateurs.

The south Korean puppet group had better stop its rash acts, properly understanding who its rival is.

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