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Successes in Bio-Diversity Protection
Pyongyang, May 22 (KCNA) -- Much effort has been made to protect bio-diversity in the DPRK.

Scientists in the Bio-Diversity and Ecological Technical Research Center of the State Academy of Sciences have registered many successes in the re-survey of fauna and flora in nature sanctuaries and other areas over the country and research into establishing a new method of estimating their diversity.

They confirmed the species of animals and plants and modeled the course of their change through a close survey of the west coast areas, good habitat for water-birds, and other major places and provided a foundation for putting the natural protection work for the improvement of ecological environment on a scientific basis.

They have also collected and analyzed ample data on resources of the fauna and flora and compiled a book on animals including spoonbill, a rare bird, and plants growing on Moran Hill along with their specimens.

A new tissue culture developed by them is being widely applied to cultivating good species of trees and good strains of fruit trees.

As a result, the rooting rate of paulownia and grafted dwarf apple trees is over 95 percent.

Meanwhile, a regular survey of animals is carried on once in five to ten years by scientists and researchers of such units as the Ministry of Land and Environmental Conservation, State Academy of Sciences and DPRK Natural Conservation Union, according to a state policy of protecting and propagating animal resources in the country.

The animal survey is carried on in such a manner as to estimate the number of species of animals, their distribution and resources of main species of animals in habitats including the natural reserves and animal sanctuaries designated by the state.

Preparations for building sanctuaries of useful animals are being made in different parts of the country.

On the occasion of the International Day for Bio-Diversity (May 22) scientific and technological presentation and other events are held in the DPRK every year.

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