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Truth behind Japs' Renaming "East Sea of Korea" "Sea of Japan" Probed
Pyongyang, May 18 (KCNA) -- Rodong Sinmun Monday carried an article contributed by Dr. Kim Thae Ryol in which he probed the truth behind Japan's criminal renaming of the "East Sea of Korea" "Sea of Japan."

The article says that the historic origin of the designation of the "East Sea of Korea" and a historic change in its wording and the course of its development clearly prove that the efforts of Japan to rename the sea have no validity.

The article cites facts to prove this fact. It goes on:

No one can deny that the "East Sea of Korea" has been universally recognized as the designation is in full line with international usage and trend and the requirements of the norms set by the organizations for the standardization of international geographical designations.

In view of historical usage, the designation of "East Sea" originates from the name of "East Sea" called by Koreans 2,200 years ago. It has been called so for at least 2,000 years since then. Up to this date it has been called "East Sea of Korea" as it was used to be called before.

The designation of the "Sea of Japan" is nothing but a bogus one as there is no ground to call the waters east of the Korean Peninsula as such in the light of the requirements of the norms for international geographical designation and international usage concerning the designation of seas and the trend of the times.

It was in about 670 that Japan appeared in the world by the name of "Japan." This was about 900 years later than the time Koreans called the sea "East Sea." Japanese called the waters east of Honshu of Japan "Sea of Japan" more than 1,900 years later than the time the designation of "East Sea" appeared in the world.

The Japanese reactionaries are persistently insisting on the renaming of the "East Sea of Korea" "Sea of Japan" in their criminal bid to use it as a springboard and a theatre of their activities from which to launch aggression and plunder of Korea and other countries in Northeast Asia, the article notes, and goes on:

The Korean nation will never allow Japan to rename the above-said sea "Sea of Japan."

Any action to allow the above-said farce of the Japanese reactionaries would amount to encouraging them in their stepped-up moves for overseas expansion.

The International Hydrographic Organization which was abused for renaming the East Sea of Korea, the designation of the sea of the inviolable country, "Sea of Japan" by the cunning appeasement and deception of the Japanese imperialists in the last century has an unavoidable obligation to correctly settle the issue of the designation of the "East Sea."

The organization should fulfill its due responsibility to restore the original designation "East Sea of Korea," the only long-standing geographical designation of the waters off the Korean Peninsula, on the principle of impartiality, though belatedly, urges the article.

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