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Korean Speciality Foods Gift Set
Pyongyang, April 30 (KCNA) -- The Samilpho Specialties Shop in Taedonggang District of Pyongyang is crowded with people buying Korean speciality foods gift sets.

The set produced in the Samilpho Special Products Factory contains Chilbosan agarics liquor and various kinds of liquors, honeys, indan and others made from natural raw materials.

The Chilbosan agarics liquor made of agarics growing in Mt. Chilbo, spring water of Mt. Kumgang, honey and kaoliang is efficacious for promotion of metabolic function.

Regular drinking of the liquor makes it possible to purify the blood, raise immunity and to preserve the balance of physiology.

Sinjong liquor and antler and wild insam liquor are efficacious for invigorating energy, nourishing the blood and treating diseases such as neurasthenia, hypotension and cerebral anemia.

Cultivated wild insam honey, health food, which is mixed with rare restorative materials in northern highlands, improves heart function, recovers from fatigue and prevents aging.

Nutritious honey mixed with pine pollen is very good for treatment of the blood circulating system disorders and for increasing energy.

Eleutherococc indan is a health food which is made with more than 20 kinds of natural Koryo medicinal materials including clove and other plants growing in natural forests.

The set is very popular among tourists and travelers.

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