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Kim Jong Il Gives Field Guidance to Secondary School in Rakwon County
Pyongyang, April 29 (KCNA) -- General Secretary Kim Jong Il gave field guidance to Honored Red Flag Sojung Secondary School newly built in Rakwon County.

This school was constructed by solider-builders dispatched by leader Kim Jong Il as a benevolent present to the children in a seaside village. He also sent many educational equipment and materials, including computers, to the school.

After being briefed on the history of the school, he acquainted himself in detail with the conditions of computer education, going round a room for computer education, guided by the principal of the school.

Saying that in order to help everyone acquire high computing technique it is urgent to fix the computer education as a major basic subject at the stage of elementary and secondary education and concentrate efforts on it, he underscored the need to work out the teaching schedule well in conformity with the characters of schoolers and raise the qualifications of teachers in this field.

Noting that all students of the school should study hard to properly use computers in their school days, he showed great loving care again by solving problems arising in this.

Then he went round a classroom, a tractor training room, a room of stuffed specimens, a gymnasium and other places of the school to learn in detail about how the education is conducted.

It is very good that the schoolers are conducting brisk diverse production practices and after-school sports activities including swimming, he said, adding that when they cultivate their physical strength and learn how to drive tractors and trucks during their secondary school days, they will be able to do military service well and have their share in socialist construction.

He expressed satisfaction over the fact that the teachers of the school have achieved many successes in the education of the rising generations by devotedly working to carry through the party policy of preparing students to be reliable pillars of the country with ample knowledge, high morality and strong body, and highly appreciated their devoted services others do not know.

Stating that education of rising generations is vital for the destiny of a country and an important requirement for successfully accomplishing the revolutionary cause of Juche, he advanced highly important tasks to be carried out in secondary school education.

The rosy future of Korea is firmly guaranteed as we have the scientific and revolutionary ideas and theories on education and advantageous educational system, he said.

Studying is the first and foremost task for schoolers, he said, urging the schools to give priority to the work for carrying through the study-first policy of the party and train the new generations to be talents capable of contributing to building a thriving nation with their high caliber.

What is of particular importance in developing education is to improve the quality of secondary school education, he stressed.

Saying that successful education and quality of the generations to come, the future of the country, depend on how teachers work, he stressed the need for all the teachers to devote all their wisdom and energies to the education of the rising generations, cherishing the high sense of responsibility and pride of being career revolutionaries.

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