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Songun Idea to Defend Independence of Country and Nation
Pyongyang, April 27 (KCNA) -- The Songun idea is an idea of independence against imperialism which can reliably defend and guarantee the independence of a country and a nation by dint of an invincible military power.

The greatest obstacle in the way of achieving the independence of the popular masses is the imperialist forces suppressing, obstructing and going against it.

It is nothing but a daydream to achieve the aspiration of the people after independence, leaving the maneuvers of the imperialists intact.

The main means on which the imperialists rely in violating and repressing the independence of the popular masses is their counter-revolutionary violence, the armed forces.

The more the people's aspiration after independence grows and the deeper the imperialists are driven into dilemma, the tighter the imperialists cling to bayonets.

The history of struggle of the popular masses for realizing independence is a continuation of the bloody struggle against the rulers and oppressors armed to the teeth.

It is the philosophical principle of social development taught by the protracted human history that it is impossible to materialize the people's aspiration after independence without a powerful force of arms with which they can stand against the counter-revolutionary armed forces.

The high-handedness and tyranny of the United States which is styling itself the only "superpower" in the world today are further intensified than ever before in reliance on its military forces, by which the independence cause of the popular masses is confronted with a grave challenge.

The prevailing situation and conditions of the present era demand that importance and primary efforts should be given to military affairs in the revolution and construction to build up invincible military forces.

To prepare an invincible military strength under the banner of Songun is the only way to emerge victorious in the confrontation with the U.S.-led imperialists and to thoroughly realize the independence of a country and a nation.

The Songun idea is the revolutionary one indicating a scientific way of enabling the people to concentrate efforts on military affairs and to increase the revolutionary armed forces in accordance with such practical requirements of the present era and the revolutionary development and to victoriously forge ahead with the struggle of the popular masses for independence in the fierce confrontation with the imperialists.

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