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Dynamic Struggle against Imperialists' Psychological Warfare Called for
Pyongyang, April 24 (KCNA) -- The psychological warfare of the imperialists is like a hidden dagger for isolating and stifling the anti-imperialist independent countries and seeking their regime changes and bringing down their systems. Rodong Sinmun Friday says this in a signed article.

It goes on:

The imperialists prefer a psychological warfare in the standoff with the anti-imperialist independent countries as they think it is several times more effective than rifle bullets and bombs.

The article cites facts to prove that the imperialists, who have precedents of craftily using modern propaganda means for creating illusion and fear of them in the period of Cold War, set up lots of diverse machines for the psychological warfare and invested huge funds in them after the demise of the Cold War.

What happened in those countries that fell victim to the psychological warfare of the imperialists in recent years proves that if countries fail to maintain vigilance against the warfare, they cannot protect the sovereignty of the countries and nations.

The imperialists' of aggressive and hegemonic nature will and can never change. What they seek is to infringe upon the sovereignty of other countries and nations and establish world domination.

The revolutionary parties and peoples should see through vulnerability of imperialism and fight against it with a tough stand.

Now the imperialists intensify their horror operation and blackmailing offensive by force of arms it is of particular importance to build up one's own military muscle.

The revolutionary parties and peoples should intensify the struggle against the psychological warfare, bearing in mind that it is one of the important ways for protecting the sovereignty of the country and the nation, human cause of independence, socialism and precipitating the final doom of imperialism to foil the nasty and vicious psychological warfare of the imperialists.

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