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UNSC's "Presidential Statement" Rebuked
Pyongyang, April 22 (KCNA) -- The U.S. and its followers finally took an action against the DPRK's satellite launch by abusing the UN Security Council despite the DPRK's repeated warnings. This was the most unbearable insult and unpardonable crime against the DPRK as it encroached upon its sovereignty and dignity.

Minju Joson Wednesday says this in a signed commentary.

The DPRK's successful satellite launch conducted according to its Juche-oriented policy for the development of outer space can never be called into question by others, the news analyst observes, and goes on:

The UNSC should have taken issue with those countries which launched more satellites than other countries first if it considers a satellite launch as a crime. But a satellite launch has never been tabled and dealt with at the UNSC.

It is something surprising and strange that the above-mentioned double-standards are openly applied in the UN whose charter clearly lays down the principle of sovereign equality and non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries. What matters is that the UNSC plays a puppet role in handling international issues as it pleases to meet the political interests of a few specified countries.

The U.S. shuts its eyes to even violations of international law by its stooges but makes much fuss about legitimate activities conducted by independent countries. This brigandish logic of the U.S. was applied to handling the issue of the DPRK's launch of satellite for peaceful purposes and the UNSC fully accepted it.

Under such grave situation the only way for humankind to survive is to build its own strength and rely on it.

Big powers are gravely mistaken if they think that their high-handed and arbitrary practices will work on the DPRK and their foolish dream will come true.

The people of the DPRK will judge every matter in the interests of the country and the nation no matter what others may say and will never tolerate any act of ignoring the sovereignty and dignity of the DPRK.

Those who have pursued a hostile policy toward the DPRK will be held fully accountable for all the ensuing consequences.

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