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Japan Branded as Sworn Enemy of Korean Nation
Pyongyang, April 12 (KCNA) -- Japan is the sworn enemy historically doing harm to the Korean nation. Minju Joson Sunday says this in a signed commentary carried with the approach of the lapse of 417 years since the Japanese aggressors unleashed a war of aggression against Korea in 1592 (Imjin year) and reduced it to ruins, trampling underfoot its territory.

Hundreds years have passed since then but the Korean people always remember the inhuman and criminal killings, arson, plunder and abduction committed by the bestial Japanese aggressors in Korea, the commentary notes.

Citing facts to prove the unheard-of massacres, plunder and abduction committed by the Japanese aggressors born with disposition and nature of beasts in the temporarily occupied areas of Korea, it goes on:

Nevertheless, the Japanese reactionaries are beautifying and whitewashing Japan's crime-woven history by eulogizing the history of aggression against Korea by Hideyoshi Toyodomi, the leader of aggression of the Imjin war, and visiting the place where his remains is enshrined in consolation of his "soul".

Japan felt no remorse of conscience for the criminal atrocities committed by it in Korea during the Imjin war and afterwards it occupied Korea and committed colonial exploitation and plunder.

The Japanese reactionaries have not yet made apology and reparation for killings and forcible drafting against Koreans and ultra-large state crimes such as those related to "comfort women" for the Imperial Japanese Army. It is as clear as noonday that it is aimed at realizing their ambition for reinvasion at any cost.

The Japanese reactionaries remain unchanged in their aggressive nature and ambition though 60 odd years have passed since the defeat of the Japanese imperialists and they are becoming ever-more undisguised in their moves for reinvasion of Korea.

The Korean nation's bitterness toward Japan is hundreds of years old and in case it explodes no one can predict its results.

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