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Japanese Reactionaries' Moves against DPRK and Chongryon Blasted
Pyongyang, April 12 (KCNA) -- The recent racket for confrontation with the DPRK kicked up by the Japanese reactionaries before and after its satellite launch is nothing but a madcap rowdyism which can be committed only by schizophrenics, Rodong Sinmun Sunday says this in a signed commentary.

It goes on:

It is needless to say that it is a revelation of the sinister intention of the Japanese reactionaries to use the said satellite launch for inciting an atmosphere of confrontation with the DPRK in all fabrics of the Japanese society and propelling their moves to turn Japan into a military giant.

However, they are finding themselves in such a deplorable position no more than a dog barking at the moon after the successful launch of the satellite. They have been ridiculed by the international community for their repeated release of "misinformation".

Upset by this, the Japanese reactionaries are persistently calling for applying "sanctions" against the DPRK at the UN forum and, at the same time applying "additional sanctions" while imposing political persecution on the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan (Chongryon) and Koreans in Japan. This is evidenced by the ever-growing suppression, threat and terrorist act against Chongryon institutions and Koreans in Japan. Some days ago, the Japanese authorities revealed their attempt to freeze the properties of Chongryon allegedly to "cut off the source of funds" under the pretext of the DPRK's satellite launch. This clearly testifies to the moral vulgarity peculiar to the Japanese reactionaries.

Their crackdown on Chongryon and Koreans in Japan precisely means a grave political provocation against the DPRK and another vicious move for confrontation with it. It will never remain a passive onlooker to their frenzied suppression and persecution against Chongryon, a dignified overseas citizens organization of the DPRK, and Koreans in Japan but adopt strict countermeasures to them.

The Japanese reactionaries would be well advised to behave with discretion, facing up to the reality, and stop at once the unreasonable suppression of Chongryon and Koreans in Japan.

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