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Meetings Held to Congratulate Kim Jong Il on His Reelection as NDC Chairman
Pyongyang, April 10 (KCNA) -- Meetings were held here today to warmly congratulate General Secretary Kim Jong Il on his reelection as chairman of the DPRK National Defence Commission.

The meeting of Pyongyangites was held at Kim Il Sung Square with the attendance of at least 100,000 citizens from all walks of life.

Attending it were senior party and state officials, the chairman of a friendly party and members of the NDC.

Kim Ki Nam, secretary of the C.C., the Workers' Party of Korea, said in his speech at the meeting that the reelection of Kim Jong Il as NDC chairman at the first session of the 12th Supreme People's Assembly was an expression of absolute support and trust in him by the servicepersons and people of the DPRK and their unshakable faith and will to build a great prosperous and powerful nation on this land without fail and accomplish the revolutionary cause of Songun under his guidance, he said, and went on:

Kim Jong Il saved the destiny of the country and the nation from the moves for aggression and war on the part of the imperialists and the reactionaries, reliably defended the Korean-style socialist system and provided a strong war deterrent for self-defence by pursuing unique Songun politics, thus helping the DPRK turn into a military power that no one dares provoke.

It is necessary to steadily exert efforts for increasing the capacity of the People's Army, establish the trait of attaching importance to the army throughout the society and thoroughly implement the policy of putting all the people under arms and converting the whole country into a fortress true to the Songun revolutionary line of the WPK, thereby turning the whole country into an impregnable fortress and preventing aggressors from invading the inviolable territory of the country even an inch.

 An immensely rosy future is in store for the Party, the army and the people of the DPRK advancing toward the high eminence of the great prosperous and powerful socialist nation in sky-high spirit with redoubled courage under the leadership of Kim Jong Il.

Speeches were made by the first vice-chairman of the Pyongyang City People's Committee and representatives of workers, agricultural workers and youth and students.

A similar meeting of the Ministry of the People's Armed Forces took place at the Jonsung Square.

Kim Yong Chun, minister of the People's Armed Forces, delivered a report to be followed by congratulatory speeches.

The reporter and speakers evinced their firm determination to strive harder for the development of the People's Army and a shining victory in the struggle for building a great prosperous powerful nation through high-pitched drive for bringing about a fresh revolutionary surge under the Party's Songun leadership with the great honor and pride of having Kim Jong Il as the top leader of the state.

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