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President's Reminiscences Read Widely
Pyongyang, April 10 (KCNA) -- Working people and school youth and children of the DPRK are reading with avidity the reminiscences of President Kim Il Sung with the approach of the significant Day of the Sun.

Ardent yearning and reverence for the President are read on the faces of those reading the reminiscences in the streets, villages, parks and all other places where spring has come to stay.

The reminiscences of the President "With the Century" are the most favorite books of the working people and the school youth and children among so many books in the country.

They gain extensive and profound knowledge of the revolutionary history of the President through the study of the reminiscences, the library of his revolutionary history vividly describing it with immensely rich content and gem-like sentences.

The reminiscences are written in humble words, but the readers feel with a surge of warmth in their hearts the immortal feats of the President in regaining the lost country, building in this land a socialist Korea independent in politics, self-supporting in economy and self-reliant in defense in which the Juche idea is incorporated and devoting his whole life to the country and the people.

The books give an impressive and historic description of materials on the revolutionary activities of the President and stories of actual characters and events. They also expound the principle of revolution and depict the struggle and life, thus leaving deep impressions on the minds of the readers.

The readers learn the theory of revolution, the principle and ways of revolution and the noble spirit of loving the country, the nation, the people and revolutionary comrades through the reminiscences, the immortal encyclopedia of revolution containing the great revolutionary feats of the President and his noble traits as a great man.

The reminiscences that appeal more strongly to the hearts and minds of the people as the days go by with great influence and persuasive power are the eternal treasure of the Korean revolution, a monumental work which will always hold a special place in human history and a priceless textbook of revolution.

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