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March That Led to Victory by Great Mental Power
Pyongyang, March 31 (KCNA) -- Seventy years have passed since the main unit of the Korean People's Revolutionary Army (KPRA) led by President Kim Il Sung made the historic arduous march. Now the Korean people are looking back on the grim days of struggle with deep emotion.

This march continued for more than 100 days from December Juche 27 (1938) to March next year. It was a road of ordeals surpassing human imagination and a glorious course in which the unit emerged victorious in bloody battles by fighting like an immortal day and night.

In that winter the Japanese imperialists fell upon the unit tenaciously on all sides by setting in motion a huge force hundreds of thousands strong and even flying corps, making the KPRA headquarters as the main target of the so-called "massive clean-up operation".

To make matters worse, food ran out in the severe cold around 40 degrees Celsius below zero coupled with heaviest snowfall in 100 years. Under this worst condition the main unit of the KPRA had to fight bloody battles with the enemy coming in attack desperately in the front and rear and right and left every day.

This march involving struggles with rigorous element, acute food shortage and fatigue, terrible diseases and the brutal enemy was a hard fight accompanied by a struggle with oneself for surmounting bitter ordeals.

But difficulty could not break the indomitable mental power and will of the guerrillas who were confident that the Korean revolution would surely win as long as they were guided by the President.

In the days of the march, they defended with their very lives, politically and ideologically, the President who constantly fortified their revolutionary fighting spirit, looking after them with paternal affection, and trounced the enemy by bold and superb commanding art and guerrilla tactics. And they solidified the unity and cohesion of the unit.

The loser in the battles for more than one hundred days that lifted the Korean revolution to a new upsurge was none other than the Japanese imperialist aggressors who blared they would "totally destroy" the KPRA.

The spirit of devotedly defending the leader and the indomitable fighting spirit, the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance and hard struggle and revolutionary optimism displayed by the anti-Japanese revolutionary forerunners in those days are being steadily carried forward by the younger generation today, named the spirit of "Arduous March", and they serve as an ideological and mental weapon in the struggle of the Korean people to build a great, prosperous and powerful socialist nation without fail, breaking through whatever difficulty.

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