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Minju Joson Snubs Traitors' Anti-Reunification Ruckus
Pyongyang, March 18 (KCNA) -- The "Advisory Council for Democracy and Peaceful Unification" of south Korea is making a "lecture tour" of different parts of south Korea allegedly for the purpose of "settling the conflict among south Koreans over the policy towards the north" and achieving a "popular consensus."

Minju Joson Wednesday observes in a signed commentary in this regard: This "lecture tour" reportedly to last till April is nothing but a poor anti-reunification farce aimed at whitewashing the Lee Myung Bak's "policy towards the north" and inciting confrontation with fellow countrymen.

This is proved by what Ri Ki Thaek, chief vice-chairman of the said council, uttered in a lecture given in Inchon. He talked nonsense that the reunification is "possible only when there is understanding" among the neighboring countries.

The commentary goes on:

It was outside forces that split the Korean nation. Ri's assertion that the country can be reunified only when there is "understanding" among foreign forces is, in fact, a reckless anti-reunification remark as it is intended to perpetuate the national division indefinitely.

The above-said rubbish of Ri is aimed at justifying the Lee group's treacherous and anti-reunification act of inviting outside forces to meddle in the issue of reunification, challenging the desire of the nation. Now it has become clear that the above-mentioned council grouping such traitors as Ri Ki Thaek who stake their fate on foreign forces is nothing but a puppet anti-reunification organization harmful to the country's reunification.

If such philistines as Ri persist in bedeviling the inter-Korean relations and blocking the independent reunification, selling off the dignity and interests of the nation to outsiders as mean stooges of traitor Lee Myung Bak, they will not be able to escape a stern judgment of history. This is a warning to them.

The gentries of the said council had better stop their anti-reunification farce, bearing in mind that the above-mentioned "lecture tour" will only precipitate their own self-destruction.

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