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"1,000-ri Journey for Learning" Is Carried forward
Pyongyang, March 16 (KCNA) -- The exploration march "1,000-ri journey for learning" is being carried forward by school children in the DPRK.

The Korean people call the journey covered by President Kim Il Sung in his childhood in Juche 12 (1923) "1,000-ri journey for learning".

True to the high intention of his father that a man born in Korea had to have a good knowledge of Korea for winning back the country occupied by the Japanese imperialists, President Kim Il Sung left Badaogou of China on March 16, 1923 and walked alone the long rough road from Badaogou to Mangyongdae, his home town.The President wrote in his reminiscences "With the Century" about the 1,000-ri journey as follows:

"The 1,000-ri journey was, for me, a journey of learning about my homeland and my fellow countrymen".

The course from Phophyong across the River Amnok to Mangyongdae was very arduous for him as he had to go through biting wind and blizzard.What was more painful than his personal fatigue was to witness the reality of the country trampled down and exploited by the Japanese imperialists during the journey.

The miserable reality of the country had burned his heart with hatred against the Japanese imperialists who had converted the whole land of the country into a living hell.

Overcoming all difficulties and severe cold, the President arrived in Mangyongdae, his native village, at the end of the 10-odd days journey.

Marching along the course of "1,000-ri journey for learning", school children are preparing themselves as pillars of the Songun era and reliable successors to the revolutionary cause of Juche, following the lofty intention of the President.

The exploration march has been held annually since March 1974.

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