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Lee Myung Bak's Foolish Talk about "Dialogue" Lambasted
Pyongyang, March 16 (KCNA) -- Traitor Lee Myung Bak during his recent foreign trip talked nonsense that he wanted the "developed south-north relations based on the co-existence and co-prosperity", "he was ready to have dialogue with the north" and "he expected dialogue and cooperation." His mandarins vied with each other to let loose rhetoric that "the door is open to the south-north dialogue" and "the north should come out for dialogue" and "contact".

Rodong Sinmun Monday observes in a signed commentary in this regard:

It is great irony that those who bedeviled the inter-Korean relations by blocking dialogue and cooperation between compatriots have now the effrontery to raise their heads and talk about "dialogue".

What the Lee group uttered about "dialogue" and "contact" with the DPRK is nothing but poor chicanery to evade at any cost the responsibility for having brought the inter-Korean ties to stalemate and mislead the pubic opinion at home and abroad.

The Lee group has not uttered even a single word of apology for the unpardonable crimes it has committed against reunification by dashing even the slightest hope for the inter-Korean dialogue and creating such grave situation on the Korean Peninsula that a war may break out any moment. Nevertheless, this group has gone the lengths of admonishing the DPRK over the issue of "dialogue" like a thief crying "Stop the thief!" This behavior is intolerable, indeed. It only lays bare the deceptive and reactionary nature of the traitorous clique's ballyhoo about "dialogue."

The reality clearly proves that the inter-Korean ties will never be improved as long as such most wicked confrontational maniacs, traitors to the nation as Lee stay in power.

It is the only way of settling the issue to force Lee to step down.

The Lee group would be well advised to stop such foolish talk about "dialogue" and immediately step down as unanimously demanded by all Koreans.

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