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KCNA Brands U.S. as World's Worst Human Rights Abuser
Pyongyang, March 11 (KCNA) -- The United States is not entitled to talk about human rights as it is the world's worst human rights abuser.

In the U.S. the absolute majority of working people are like more dead than alive with their elementary rights to clothing, food and housing deprived.

The same can be said of the right concerning personal inviolability.

The right to labor, one of major rights related to existence, is ruthlessly violated there.

The right to job, the right to get a fair reward for the labor done, the right to safe and hygienic working conditions and rational working hours, and the like are nothing but empty talk.

Those in authority in the U.S. are talking about "freedom", "equality" and "democracy" but in fact, the political and socio-cultural rights of the overwhelming majority of working masses are institutionally violated and stamped out.

As for election, it strictly serves the rich only.

Outwardly, the U.S. professes "freedom" of speech, demonstration and assembly but the reality is quite contrary.

Even the trade unions are denied their rights.

The corruption of cultural life is institutionally fostered, thus leaving a great number of people degenerated and hopeless and pushing them to committing crimes.

The U.S. tops the world list of violators abusing human rights by all sorts of discrimination.

Racial discrimination is getting more serious with each passing day there.

The U.S. also ranks first in violating children's rights.

The U.S. administration has not yet endorsed the "Convention on the Rights of the Child" nor admitted such rights as growth and education of children and ban on child labor.

The same holds true for infringement upon women's rights.

The U.S. violates rights of other countries as it pleases. After the "September 11 incident" it escalated wars of aggression against several countries under the pretext of "war on terrorism" while savagely infringing upon human rights in different parts of the world.

The U.S. also harshly tramples down freedom of religion and religious belief.

Terrorist outrages sponsored by the U.S. against state leaders and democratic figures of various countries are a vivid expression of human rights abuses.

The number of assassination and terrorist operations conducted by the U.S. against prominent statesmen and VIPs of governments in various countries reached as many as more than 900 in the period from 1961 to 1976.

All the facts go to clearly prove that the U.S. is, indeed, a kingpin of human rights abuses.

The U.S. had better address its own human rights issue before conducting human rights campaign on the international arena.

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