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All Citizens Called upon to Turn out in Election
Pyongyang, March 8 (KCNA) -- Leading papers Sunday run editorials on the day of the election of deputies to the 12th Supreme People's Assembly.

An editorial of Rodong Sinmun says that the election of deputies to the SPA to be held today offers an important occasion of demonstrating the might of the DPRK's single-minded unity which has been consolidated in the course of the Songun revolution and solidity and advantages of Korean-style socialism and further increasing the function and role of the people's power.

It goes on:

It is the true picture of our single-minded unity that all the servicepersons and people follow their leader only, reposing absolute trust in him, and share idea, will, destiny and future with the headquarters of the revolution. Our single-minded unity is unbreakable and more powerful than a nuclear weapon.

Korean-style socialism is the best socialism in the world as it is centered on the popular masses. The people of the DPRK keenly realize how grateful the above-said socialism is as the days go by. They regard socialism as their life and soul. It is the unanimous desire and will of the army and people of the DPRK to defend and glorify Korean-style socialism to the last under the uplifted banner of Songun in any storm and stress.

The people's power organizes the work to help the people display their creative ability and intensify their activities and plays the role of a master taking care of their living in a responsible manner.

The candidates for deputies registered at all constituencies across the country have devotedly worked for the country and people true to the Songun revolutionary leadership of General Secretary
Kim Jong Il.

When all the citizens participate in the election of deputies as one and vote for the candidates, the government of the DPRK will grow remarkably stronger and the plan of the Workers' Party of Korea for building a great prosperous and powerful nation will become a brilliant reality.

An editorial of Minju Joson calls on all citizens to turn out in the above-said election as one to make a positive contribution to consolidating the state social system as firm as a rock and reinforcing the people's power and thus demonstrate once again to the world the dignity and might of the DPRK advancing under the leadership of Kim Jong Il.

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