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Japanese Reactionaries' Disgusting Diplomacy Slammed
Pyongyang, March 4 (KCNA) -- Japanese politicians are preoccupied by the humiliating and solicitation diplomacy, lost to shame and bereft of even iota of self-esteem, observes Minju Joson Wednesday in a signed commentary.

It goes on:

The Japanese reactionaries busied themselves after inviting the U.S. secretary of State to Japan recently. They solicited the U.S. support and understanding of the "abduction issue" and asserted they expected its cooperation in settling the issue.

By nature Japanese politicians have neither independent political ability nor quality. They are only nervous about how they can meet their interests with the help of others.

The Japanese minister of Defense went the lengths of making remarks defending the U.S. A-bomb attacks on Japan which imposed the worst nuclear disaster upon it in history. Judging from this, there is no need to guess what extent the Japanese politicans' sycophancy and submission to the U.S. have reached.

It was not without reason that the Japanese reactionaries ran the whole gamut of flattery during the U.S. secretary of State's junket to their country, imploring for cooperation in settling the "abduction issue."

They are irritated at whether there is any change in the U.S. policy toward Japan after the emergence of the new U.S. administration.

In a word, Japan is very much concerned about any possible change in the U.S. attitude toward Japan.

Some days ago the Japanese chief executive blared that he confirmed that the tightened Japan-U.S. alliance has become a foundation of the U.S. diplomacy. This reflected his mentality.

The Japanese reactionaries are sadly mistaken if they calculate everything will be okay when they boost the relations with the U.S. and garner its support and cooperation.

Everything in the world is not decided by the U.S. and the key to settling the issue of the DPRK-Japan relations, in particular, is not in the hands of the U.S.

The Japanese reactionaries will never be able to shake off their ill fame but repeatedly suffer disgrace should they recklessly dance to the tune of others.

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