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Inter-Korean Resolution Released to Mark Anniversary of March First Popular Uprising
Pyongyang, March 4 (KCNA) -- The Council for the Reunification of the Tangun Nation from the north side and the Preparatory Committee for Joint National Event Marking March 1 and the Council for the Peaceful Reunification of the Tangun Nation from the south side made public a north-south joint resolution on Sunday, the 90th anniversary of the March First Popular Uprising.

The joint resolution recalled that 90 years ago all Koreans across the country valiantly rose up to regain the usurped national sovereignty braving the Japanese imperialists' suppression at the point of bayonet.

Many years have passed since the uprising, but the traces of the tragedy and damage the Koreans suffered at that time are still noticeable in this land, the resolution said, and continued:

The Japanese imperialists are distorting history to embellish their crimes and falsify the truth, far from making an honest apology, repentance and reparation for them, and persisting in their provocations, claiming that Tok Islet, part of the inviolable territory of Korea, belongs to Japan.

The national movement organizations in the north and south of Korea strongly condemn the Japanese authorities for having refused to make any apology and reparation, the resolution said, declaring that they would conduct a vigorous nationwide movement to force Japan to settle its crime-woven past and make an honest apology and reparation for it.

It stressed that they would escalate the struggle to foil the outsiders' aggression and intervention and achieve the independent and peaceful reunification of the country and the great national unity under the banner of "By our nation itself" and resolutely frustrate the separatist forces' acts of swimming against the trend toward the independent reunification, preoccupied by hostility toward fellow countrymen.

All the national movement organizations in the north and the south and overseas will unite close with one another irrespective of ideology, political view, religious belief and interests of groupings to defend and implement the historic June 15 joint declaration and October 4 declaration and thus make a positive contribution to intensifying the movement for national reunification, the resolution said.

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