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Grand People's Study House
Pyongyang, March 3 (KCNA) -- There is the Grand People's Study House in Pyongyang which offers books of various kinds for public perusal and organizes varied forms of educations.

These years the house has channeled much effort into educational service so that lots of working people may acquire knowledge of various fields in a short span of time.

In particular, the short course for re-education gives broad knowledge of latest scientific and technical issues raised in various sectors of the national economy.

Through the regular short course for re-education, people receive many-sided information lectures.

Popular are departmental lectures and video shows dealing with scientific and technological issues badly needed for the developing reality.

Meanwhile, lecturers of the house find themselves in various sectors of the national economy including industrial establishments to give on-spot lectures for the purpose of solving diverse scientific and technological problems arising in practice.

Such teaching methods help scientists and technicians settle scientific and technological problems arising in the modernization of production processes.

Books on socio-political life, medical science, architecture, light industry, fisheries, biology and horticulture, foreign magazines, translated books and other books are available from the house.

The Grand People's Study House with a collecting capacity of tens of million volumes is a good education centre for disseminating varied know-how among the working people of all strata.

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