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Lee Myung Bak Denounced for Pushing Inter-Korean Relations to Total Severance
Pyongyang, February 8 (KCNA) -- A "hearing" on Hyon In Thaek, who was nominated as minister of "Unification" by Lee Myung Bak, will be held at the "National Assembly" of south Korea on February 9. In this regard, Minju Joson Sunday runs a signed commentary.

No one can predict what more serious crisis will occur in the north-south relations that were already put at deadlock if Hyon In Thaek, anti-DPRK confrontational fanatic and sycophantic traitor serving the U.S., is allowed to become minister of "Unification," the commentary says, and goes on:

The army and people of the DPRK are hardening their resolution to certainly force Hyon to pay for his crime of coming out to mastermind the confrontation with fellow countrymen as a cat's paw serving Lee Myung Bak. If he is allowed to hold the post of the minister of "Unification," the inter-Korean relations will grow worse and be pushed to collapse.

Lee Myung Bak's nomination of Hyon In Thaek who invented the watchwords of "no nukes, opening and 3,000 dollars" as minister of "Unification" only shows that "respect" for the north-south declarations touted by him is a whopping lie and that he remains unchanged in his stand to pursue confrontational policy with fellow countrymen.

If any crisis occurs in the inter-Korean relations due to the imprudent measure, traitor Lee Myung Bak will be held fully accountable for it.

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