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Forerunners of Self-reliance
Pyongyang, January 19 (KCNA) -- The Wonsan Youth Power Station was completed in the DPRK in the fierce flames of the new revolutionary upsurge to produce a lot of electricity.

This stream-changing hydroelectric power station large in scale is a structure of the Songun era which has been built by the people of Kangwon Province with their own efforts and technology.

It was a gigantic project for the province to turn to the East Sea the current of the Komithan River which has been empting into the West Sea for long years and to build the power station in a deep mountain with its peaks soaring more or less 1,000 meters above the sea level.

The people of the province, however, launched into the bold and audacious project by displaying indomitable spirit to the full to build a great, prosperous and powerful socialist country in this land under the plan of the Workers' Party of Korea.

The builders pulled tunneling equipment up the snow-covered steep slope with an inclination of more than 70 degrees in the spirit of the soldiers who pulled direct-firing guns up to height 1211 and they did not slow down the speed of construction even in the biting cold.

They did not let go of the rock-drills even in the critical moment when they were locked up in the tunnel by an unexpected accident. And they kept up tunneling by desperate efforts even when the pit was filled with water due to the suspension of power supply in a gruesome weather.

They spent days and months with exploits. Picturing before their eyes the happiness tomorrow which they were creating by themselves, they drove through the whole length of the water tunnel as scheduled and completed in a matter of 25 days the restoration of the collapsed section that had been said to take three months.

In the building of the dam, the constructors introduced technical innovations numbering more than 100, counting only typical ones.

Breaking through mounting troubles and ordeals by their own efforts from the day when they broke the ground, they completed the construction as a whole on the highest level in a few years, which involved the vast waterway tunneling, the building of the dam of millions of cubic meters, assembling of facilities, the construction of the generator room and the project of power grid.

General Secretary Kim Jong Il visited the Wonsan Youth Power Station, not minding the severe cold in January, and bestowed the highest praises on the constructors, saying they were forerunners of self-reliance who had created things out of nothing by fighting a grim battle in a do-or-die spirit in the hard days when the country was undergoing a rigorous test and indomitable fighters who proved in practice the great vitality of the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance implanted in them by President
Kim Il Sung.

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