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Power Producers Obtain Good Results
Pyongyang, January 13 (KCNA) -- Power producers in different parts of the DPRK have turned out to carry out the militant tasks put forward in the joint New Year editorial, holding aloft the torch of a new revolutionary upsurge.

The workers of the Pukchang Thermal-power Complex are increasing power production by properly organizing the load distribution to generators while boosting the steam output.

The Pyongyang Thermal-power Complex has put the overall electricity production processes on a scientific operation system and strengthened the inter-process relations to raise the production. The workers of the East Pyongyang Thermal-power Plant and other thermal-power plants are also striving hard to extend the electric power production with a high sense of responsibility on the lifeline of socialist economic construction.

The hydroelectric power stations are also bringing about a great improvement in production, overcoming the unfavorable conditions of the winter season.

The Thaechon Power Station is doing well the production command so as to ensure a rational load and high efficient operation and high water level in accordance with a general production directive system.

The Wonsan Youth Power Station, Nyongwon Power Station, Orangchon Power Station No. 1, Samsu Power Station, Ryesonggang Youth Power Station No. 1 and Hochongang, Jangjingang and Pujongang Power Stations are making the best of water to suit the winter conditions by managing well water inlets on route and other hydro-power structures.

The employees of the Sodusu, Wiwon, Taedonggang and other hydro-power stations are all out to create a general advance speed of the Songun era with a resolution to supply more electricity to various sectors of the national economy.

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