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DPRK's Joint New Year Editorial Hailed
Pyongyang, January 12 (KCNA) -- The Socialist Party of Mexico, the Socialist Popular Party of Mexico, the Mexican Committee for the Study of Kimilsungism, the Mexican Institute for the Study of the Juche Idea, the Mexico-Korea Friendship Association, the Mexican Friend Association for Memory of President Kim Il Sung and the Mexican Committee for Supporting Korea's Reunification made public a joint statement on Jan. 3 in support of the joint editorial published by newspapers of the party, the army and the youth league in the DPRK.

Expressing the firm belief that the Workers' Party of Korea and the Korean people will bring a new great revolutionary surge by vigorously launching the general offensive sounding the advance in 2009 to open the gate to a great prosperous and powerful nation, holding high the banner of Songun under the veteran and tested leadership of General Secretary Kim Jong Il, the statement said:

We hope that the WPK and the Korean people will make big strides by taking a bold jump in the dynamic drive to open the gate to a thriving nation in 2012 that marks the centennial birth anniversary of Kim Il Sung, father of socialist Korea.

We support the Korean people in the efforts to build an economic power by fully displaying the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance under the banner of Songun.

We extend full support and solidarity to the WPK and the Korean people in their struggle to reunify the country by reenergizing the national reunification movement under the uplifted banner of the historic June 15 joint declaration, the guidepost for Korea's reunification, and the October 4 declaration, its action programme.

We earnestly call upon political parties, governments and organizations of all countries to extend support and solidarity to the WPK and the Korean people in their efforts for great prosperity of socialist Korea.

Meanwhile, statements supporting the joint editorial were released by Suneet Chopra, joint secretary of the All India Agricultural Workers' Union and secretary general of the All India Indo-Korean Friendship Association, on Jan. 5 and Eddie Kekana, chairman of the Group for the Study of the Progressive Ideas of South Africa who is chairman of the Pretoria Branch of the Democratic Teachers Union of South Africa, on Jan. 6.

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