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Anniversary of Kim Jong Il's Famous Work Observed
Pyongyang, January 4 (KCNA) -- Rodong Sinmun Sunday dedicates a signed article to the 17th anniversary of the publication of General Secretary Kim Jong Il's famous work "The Historical Lesson in Building Socialism and the General Line of Our Party" which fell on January 3, Juche 81 (1992).

The work profoundly explains the main cause of the collapse of socialism in various countries and the inevitable victory of socialism and comprehensively clarifies the principled issues to be consistently solved to steadily advance the cause of socialism.

Kim Jong Il's work is a historical landmark as it put socialism on a new scientific basis and a monumental work as it indicates the true way of achieving one success after another in the socialist construction in our times, the article notes, and goes on:

The shining achievements made in the socialist construction in the DPRK over the past nearly two decades since the publication of the work and the trend of the pulsating times in the new century clearly prove the great significance and the attraction of the ideas and theories propounded by
Kim Jong Il in the work.

The above-said ideas and theories strongly convince the Korean people of the justice of the leadership provided by the Workers' Party of Korea to strengthen the driving force of the revolution and steadily increase its role by giving precedence to the ideological work in the socialist construction and imbue them with the faith to firmly adhere to the fundamental principles of socialism under any conditions and circumstances and make a revolution their own way.

They instill into them great zeal and enthusiasm to bring about new leaping advances and innovations in building an economic power true to the leadership of the Party and thus eternally glorify Korean style socialism.

Noting that there are the leadership of the great Party, the tradition of effecting a great revolutionary surge and the strong foundation of the independent national economy for the Korean people, the article stresses that when all of them intensify the drive for bringing about a great revolutionary surge with the same mettle as displayed by the workers in Kangson, historic leaping progress will be made in the socialist construction and they will open the gate to a great prosperous powerful nation, highly proud of being victors.

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