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Japanese Reactionaries' Moves to Establish MD Blasted
Pyongyang, January 3 (KCNA) -- Shortly ago, the Japan Maritime "Self-Defense Force" announced that the missile defense system (MD) including SM-3 launching pad aboard an Aegis warship passed a quality test.

Minju Joson Saturday observes in a signed commentary carried in this regard:

The Japanese reactionaries shouted bravo over the MD test. This is nothing but self-admiration revealing a sort of satisfaction that Japan has a means capable of holding military hegemony in Northeast Asia.

The Japanese reactionaries are working with increased zeal to establish MD. This is not because they are exposed to a "ballistic missile threat" from someone nor they fear of it. Lurking behind it is their craftier military policy.

It is the ulterior aim of the Japanese reactionaries to become a military power at an early date and realize their militarist ambition for overseas expansion on its basis.

Recently the Japanese reactionaries have opted for bolstering strategic forces as evidenced by their moves to equip Jokai with MD in the wake of equipping Aegis warship Kongo with the same missile shield. This is aimed to definitely elevate Japan's military and strategic position in Northeast Asia, ensure Japan's military edge over other powers and thus emerge a leader of Asia.

The Japanese reactionaries are running straight along the path for militarist overseas expansion. These reckless military moves can not but be a serious development as they gravely threaten peace and security in Northeast Asia and the rest of the world.

It is as clear as noonday which way Japan will head after embarking upon the road of military expansion and turning itself reactionary and fascist politically.

The Japanese reactionaries should stop at once their reckless overseas expansion and the moves to become a military power, drawing a lesson from Japan's defeat in the past.

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