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Miru Plain Changes Its Appearance
Pyongyang, December 29 (KCNA) -- The area of Miru Plain in the central part of the Korea is putting on a new look.

This year paddy and non-paddy fields of about 2,000 hectares have been rezoned into large-sized ones for mechanization and the gravity-fed waterway project is progressing at the final stage.

Huge earthen waterway reminding people of big canal is at the stage of completion in the main in the section of tens of miles.

The project of a huge earthen dam of Phyongam Reservoir has been carried out and projects of aqueduct tunnels extending scores of kilometers and hundreds of structures have been completed or are drawing near completion.

Many hukbosan fertilizer factories have been erected in work-teams of co-op farms in the plain and hundreds of rural dwellings and public buildings constructed, radically sprucing up looks of villages.

A campaign for arranging a stockbreeding base in each work-team has been undertaken in recent years with the result that dozens of bases have been constructed and one hundred and scores of bases are on the point of completion.

The co-op farms in Miru Plain have brought about changes by creating shelterbelts in one hundred and scores of kilometer sections and ornamental forests in the areas of hundreds of hectares and doing other projects this year.

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