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Education Authorities' Inhuman Actions Assailed in South Korea
Pyongyang, December 29 (KCNA) --16 human rights and youth and children organizations including the youth and children human rights activists' network held a press conference in Seoul on Dec. 22 at which they disclosed the inhuman actions perpetrated by the education authorities against primary and middle school pupils.

Speakers at the conference recalled that shortly ago the education authorities perpetrated such inhuman acts as instructing those primary and middle schools to close the doors of their entrance halls to bar the teachers affiliated to the Teachers Union (Jongyojo) of south Korea from entering them after being ordered to retire or being fired from those schools on charges of their protest against the unreasonable educational policy and detaining in classrooms those pupils of whom they had taken charge.

They accused the school authorities of putting pressure upon the parents of students not to allow them to take part in assemblies and demonstrations and, at the same time, suppressing those students who protested the unreasonable educational policy.

They held that the above-said teachers are not guilty, urging the school management side to let the students express their legitimate will and refrain from cracking down upon the protest against the unreasonable educational policy.

At the end of the conference the organizations submitted a written petition which containing their demands to the "Human Rights Committee."

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