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Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Suk Lauded
Pyongyang, December 29 (KCNA) -- Saber Ballul, head of a department of the Political Faculty of the University of Damascus, made public a statement on December 23 on the occasions of the 17th anniversary of General Secretary Kim Jong Il's assumption of supreme commandership of the Korean People's Army and the 91st birth anniversary of anti-Japanese war hero Kim Jong Suk.

Kim Jong Il is a great brilliant commander possessed of tested political quality and peculiar military leadership art, the statement said, and went on:

Kim Jong Il has further bolstered up the People's Army and reliably defended the sovereignty of the country and the gains of socialism, holding high the banner of Songun to cope with the changed international environment and tense situation.

Thanks to his wise guidance and Songun politics the Korean People's Army has grown to be a matchless army strong in idea and faith which no formidable enemy dares provoke.

The reality proves that Kim Jong Il is the most distinguished brilliant commander of the present times who has led the army and the people along the road of certain victory with his matchless grit and pluck at a time when no one in the world dares stand up against the U.S.

December 24 is the birth anniversary of Kim Jong Suk who gave birth to and brought up Kim Jong Il as the sun of the future.

The self-sacrificing spirit Kim Jong Suk displayed in protecting President Kim Il Sung politically and ideologically and at the risk of her life is arousing the admiration of progressive humankind.

Her brilliant life and activities are an example to be followed by all the women in the world.

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