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Anniversary of Promulgation of DPRK Constitution Marked
Pyongyang, December 27 (KCNA) -- Leading papers Saturday dedicate articles to the 36th anniversary of the promulgation of the "Socialist Constitution of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea" by President Kim Il Sung.

The constitution is the Juche-oriented charter of politics in which the great achievements gained by the Korean people in the revolution and construction under the banner of the immortal Juche idea were fixed by law and all principles to be abided in state and social life and important tasks to be fulfilled in accomplishing the socialist cause were laid down.

The Juche-oriented idea of state building of President Kim Il Sung and exploit performed by him have been firmly defended and successfully carried forward thanks to the original Songun leadership of General Secretary Kim Jong Il, an article of Rodong Sinmun says, and goes on:

The promulgation of Kim Il Sung constitution made it possible to fully embody the idea and exploits of the President in all fields of the revolution and construction and fully consolidate the function and role of the DPRK government.

The Korean people are enjoying most dignified and worthwhile life under the socialist system centered on the popular masses. All line, policies and activities of the Workers' Party of Korea and the state of the DPRK are consistent with those for defending and ensuring independent rights and interests of the popular masses and everything created in this land is contributing to the happiness of people. Even during the period of grim ordeal the party and the state remained unchanged in its policies for people, socialist policies.

It is invariable faith of the Korean people that they can not live even a moment away from the embrace of the benevolent socialist country defending and looking after the destiny of the people to the last. Korean-style socialism is invincible as it has struck its roots deep into the hearts of the people and has been kept as their life and soul.

Korean-style socialism is invincible as the whole army and all people are united in single mind around the headquarters of revolution and it has rosy future as it grows stronger and prospers in reliance upon the invincible power of the army.

An article of Minju Joson stresses that bright is the future of the DPRK, the great gain of the Juche revolution and a weapon of the revolution and construction, as long as there is constitution and the Songun revolutionary leadership provided by Kim Jong Il.

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