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GNP's Unilateral Action Flayed
Pyongyang, December 26 (KCNA) -- The Federation of Koreans in the U.S. in a statement released on Dec. 18 warned that if the Lee Myung Bak "government" brings the north-south relations to collapse in the end and favors the neo-liberal economic policy of the U.S., the economy will plunge into a deeper mire of bankruptcy and it will reduce south Korea to an economic colony of foreign forces in the long run.

Accusing the Grand National Party of south Korea of unilaterally ramming the "motion calling for the ratification of south Korea-U.S. FTA" through the "Committee of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Unification of the National Assembly" that day, the statement condemned the Lee Myung Bak regime and the GNP for driving the people to death to meet only their own interests.

FTA will further reduce south Korea to an economic colony of the U.S. and bring its economy to ruin, the statement said, and went on:

The conclusion of FTA will precipitate its ruin and it is the only way for economic recovery to nullify the humiliating "agreement" and normalize the south-north relations.

The GNP should stop such act as driving big nails into the hearts of people, urged the statement.

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