calendar>>December 26. 2008 Juche 97
Ever-flourishing National Culture
Pyongyang, December 25 (KCNA) -- This year has witnessed that the DPRK has firmly adhered to the Juche character and national character and developed the national culture still further to overflow the whole country with national odor.

From early morning on the lunar New Year's Day people made a formal bow of respect to the aged and elders and called on their friends to exchange greetings and schoolchildren and little boys and girls played kite flying, shuttlecock, rope jumping and top spinning and other folk games, stirring up the festive mood.

The 6th National Ssirum (Korean wrestling) Tournament for Grand Bull Prize was held on the Ssirum Ground on Rungra Island on the occasion of Hangawi (the lunar August 15th). It was participated in by many rising wrestlers, to say nothing of those who had distinguished themselves in the previous tournaments, thus drawing more audience.

At the Seventh National Traditional Sports Contest of Agricultural Working People held on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the DPRK, the participants gave full play to their protean skills and talents in the events of ssirum, seesaw, yut-game and so on which they had polished during breaks of work.

The players gave a good account of their high degree of technique and skills of Taekwon-Do, orthodox martial arts of the nation, at the Third National Martial Arts Championships for September 10 Cup, showing a glimpse of the developing martial arts techniques of the country.

The Sixth National Korean Dress Exhibition where more than 1,600 Korean dresses were displayed made a contribution to developing the traditions of the Korean nation who has long regarded the fine sewing skill as one of the main excellent virtues of the Korean women.

Various food shows including folk dish show and a show of jangajji (dishes of dried slices of radish, cucumber and others seasoned with soysauce, popular foodstuffs) were held among members of the women's union. Besides, colorful activities to develop food culture inherent to the nation were sponsored in different parts of the country.

The flowering national culture in Korea is entirely thanks to the meticulous care of General Secretary Kim Jong Il, who is willing to demonstrate the wisdom and talents of the nation to the whole world by properly carrying forward the fine national traditions.

Recently looking round Minsok (folk) Street built in the City of Sariwon, North Hwanghae Province, he told officials that all the fine folk customs created by the ancestors including traditional dishes, games and etiquette should be found out in our generation and developed to suit to the modern aesthetic sense, thus making the national fragrance further prevail all over the society.

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