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Coating Material for Eternal Preservation of Cultural Assets Developed
Pyongyang, December 25 (KCNA) -- A coating material was developed in the DPRK recently for eternal preservation of fine art works, valuable cultural assets.

The material, made by dint of an up-to-date technology, is highly appreciated by experts for its eternal preservation of fine art pieces on a high level.

It prevents discoloration of fine art pieces by ultraviolet rays and illumination, damage by germs and microorganisms and corrosion of painting canvas.

When they are coated by the material, it makes discolored pictures vivid and gaudy and polymer sinks into the painting paper fiber to prevent them from being extended by moisture.

The development of the material makes it possible to preserve permanently the colorful paintings of old buildings, which has been raised as an important problem in the work of keeping cultural heritages.

The application of the coating material to the state-owned items in the Korean Art Gallery and to fine art pieces in the Mansudae Art Studio and Central Art Studio proves its efficacy.

The examination of the material by latest facilities shows its resistance against climate is about nine times those of various preservation materials including lacquer for oil painting widely used in the world.

The material is widely applied to Korean paintings, oil paintings, embroideries, Indian ink paintings, posters, photos, temples, tombs and other buildings to prevent them from being discolored.

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