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Talented Magician, Ri Il Jin
Pyongyang, December 22 (KCNA) -- Among the acrobatic pieces produced by the Pyongyang Circus recently there is the functional magic "Bumper Catfish."

The performer of the masterly and skillful functional magic piece is Ri Il Jin, a 22-year-old budding magician, who fishes a hundred big catfish in five minutes.

He was a table tennis player at the Kigwancha Sports Group before the state discovered his talent and took him to the Pyongyang Acrobatics School.

While at school he was absorbed in training including hand tricks and rhythmic skill and he surprised the audience when he appeared on the stage with the functional magic "Parrot Feat" and "Clock Feat".

"Bumper Catfish" was the first stage work after his graduation.

His depictive style is a peculiar one in which he boldly shook off the old style.

He takes the catfish with his swift hand trick out of thin air where the audience never expect it.

Not satisfied with his success, he is making tireless efforts to produce more new and unique functional magic pieces.

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