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Showrooms Thick in National Odor
Pyongyang, December 22 (KCNA) -- There are in Kwangbok and Yongung Streets of Pyongyang Tourism Souvenir Showrooms where one can see the creative wisdom and sentiments of the Korean nation.

Each of them consists of a souvenir shop and restaurant, which are congested with customers every day.

Available at the shop are famous Koryo celadon and other porcelains, folding screens, straw goods, various kinds of mannyonhwa landscapes, embroideries, picture albums and postage stamps introducing old cities and noted mountains of Korea, famous paintings, several hundred kinds of souvenirs.

The goods also include insam (ginseng) products including the famous Koryo insam and Kaesong Koryo insam tea and Koryo medicines efficacious for medical cure.

The restaurant serves such national foods as Pyongyang cold noodle, boiled rice accompanied by bean paste soup and kimchi and varied dishes to the customers.

According to Jong Sin, manager of the showrooms, lots of foreigners have visited the showrooms this year and said as one that they were happy to visit the showrooms deep in the odor of the Korean nation.

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