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S. Korean Puppet Plot-Breeding Group's Anti-DPRK Sabotage Moves Disclosed
Pyongyang, December 18 (KCNA) -- The moves of the puppet plot-breeding group of south Korea to sabotage the DPRK have recently reached an extremely reckless and dangerous phase. A spokesman for the Ministry of State Security of the DPRK issued a statement Thursday in this regard.

The statement said:

It is well known that traitor Lee Myung Bak totally negated the June 15 joint declaration and the October 4 declaration, great programmes for national reunification, and pushed the north-south relations to stalemate as soon as he came to power.

The evermore vicious moves to destabilize and bring down the DPRK are now being put into practice in such a despicable manner as to baffle human imagination behind the scene.

The puppet National Intelligence Service is now being reorganized into an all-powerful fascist plot-breeding mechanism little different from the "Central Intelligence Agency", which earned ill fame in the past, under the signboard of increasing its function. All the intelligence-gathering and plot-breeding organs in south Korea are now locked in the war minus gunfire against the DPRK.

Recently secret agents were routed while being active in the DPRK to carry out their missions to collect environmental samplings including soil, water, tree leaves and dust, etc. in the major munitions industrial areas in order to gather its nuclear-related information as instructed by a puppet intelligence-gathering and plot-breeding institution. Also checked and frustrated was the plot to gather party, state and military secrets and lure some officials working in important fields of the DPRK into defecting to other country after enlisting a corrupt Korean woman residing in China as a spy and letting her pay private visit to it to carry out the above-said mission.

The above-said ministry exposed and frustrated a plot to form a secret "underground church" with an eye to rally dishonest and hostile elements behind an organization under the guise of religion. It also checked and foiled one after another attempts to lure and abduct ex-convicts and corrupt elements and coax them into defecting to other country in a bid to set up a "centre" fabricating misinformation about "human rights abuses" in the DPRK.

The anti-DPRK broadcasting services and "the anti-north leaflet-scattering movement" financed by the puppet authorities have become more frantic in their operations.

The anti-DPRK smear campaign is not confined to this.

Shortly ago, a person surnamed Ri was discovered and arrested while being active to carry out the terrorist mission given by a south Korean puppet intelligence-gathering organization to do harm to the safety of the top leader of the DPRK.

According to the disclosure, he crossed the border in violation of the law and order early this year. He was absorbed by an agent surnamed Hwang serving an intelligence organ of south Korea who had the mission to rally dishonest elements after finding his way into an area near the border of the DPRK.

The south Korean puppet intelligence-gathering and plot-breeding institution let him undergo necessary training and go back to the area of the DPRK with the mission to gather information about the courses and the period of the field guidance by the top leader of the DPRK. The organization sent him speech and acoustic sensing and pursuit devices for tracking the movement of the top leader and even violent poison in the end.

This case goes to prove that the south Korean puppets have gone the lengths of resorting to thrice-cursed methods to dare harm the headquarters of the DPRK, hell-bent on inciting confrontation with the DPRK.

The weak are apt to employ such despicable terrorist method like a stray cat when they find themselves in an inferior position in the showdown with their rival in the political and military aspects.

The puppet terrorist and plot-breeding group, however, are going reckless, not aware of who their opponent is.

No one can be out of vigilant watch by the state security organ of the DPRK which has the single-minded unity of the people as the source of its invincible strength.

The enemies would be well advised to draw a lesson from the fact that their moves to spy, sabotage and destabilize the DPRK which have rapidly escalated this year have been exposed and frustrated one after another.

They are seriously mistaken if they think that the DPRK uses only shield as its weapon.

It is our duty and mission to ferret out and deal a merciless blow at anyone who dares give his eye-teeth for the headquarters of the Korean revolution no matter from where he makes such attempt.

Traitor Lee Myung Bak and his intelligence-gathering and terrorist group should clearly understand that the treasured sword of the state security organ of the DPRK, whose mission is to safeguard its leader, system and people as its life and soul, shows no mercy for the enemies.

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