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Lee Myung Bak Group's Undemocratic Moves Slammed
Pyongyang, December 14 (KCNA) -- Members of organizations of different circles including the south Korean People's Council for Public Welfare and Democracy held a press conference in Seoul on December 10 at which they declared that they would launch a struggle to check the Lee Myung Bak group of traitors to institute undemocratic laws.

A declaration issued at the press conference deplored that the successes the martyrs achieved in their struggle for democracy at the cost of sweat and blood for the last several decades were brought to naught just in several months after Lee's seizure of power.

What merits more serious attention is that the Lee regime is working hard to build a system for suppressing the people for the sake of the privileged circle which accounts just for one percent, it noted.

The declaration accused "Chongwadae" and the "Grand National Party" of seeking to railroad through the "National Assembly" the "bill for revising the law on assembly and demonstration", the "bill on the revision of the law on the National Intelligence Service", "the bill for revising the law on protecting communication secrets" and the "bill on dissolving and merging committees related to settling the past history" and others.

If these undemocratic laws of Lee are passed, all the people will be subject to observation and control as "criminals" and this land will turn into a society where terror prevails and people are forced to keep silent, the declaration lamented, and continued:

The danger and gravity of the moves to institute evil laws lie in that Lee seeks to justify observation, control and suppression of people by the force of legislation and system.

It stressed that people from all walks of life would struggle in unity to put an end to the "government's" suppression under the pretext of "security" and the moves to institute undemocratic laws.

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