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National Food Encouraged in DPRK
Pyongyang, December 13 (KCNA) -- National food is encouraged in the DPRK.

All public catering establishments of the country serve quality national dishes to customers according to seasons, thus adding luster to the traditions of national food.

In order to increase the assortment of national food and improve its quality, the Korean Cook Association holds local special food exhibition, cooking festival and short course. And the Ministry of Commerce sponsors national food show and contest and the like with city, county and ri as a unit to discover local original dishes without exception and strives in every way to standardize and put the cooking method of the national food on a scientific basis.

The Changgwang Public Service Management Bureau held a potato food show where over 200 kinds of potato dishes including boiled rice made with potato and five grains, potato dish seasoned with soysauce and rice hash mixed with potato and vegetables were presented to delight the visitors.

The Chongchun, Ryonmot, Songyo, Chilgol Folk Restaurants and other public catering centres in the capital serve national dishes including Pyongyang onban, one of the four famous dishes of Pyongyang, catfish soup, rice cake soup, cake made of rice flour and wormwood paste and other tasty and high nutritive national foods.

The newly reconstructed Okryu Restaurant has improved the quality of the Pyongyang cold noodle to delight visitors.

The national food restaurants in the Minsok (folklore) Street of Sariwon and restaurants in all provinces are always crowded with customers for their national dishes such as sweet rice dish, bean paste soup, rice hash, loach soup, beef with vegetables cooked in casserole and green gram pancake.

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