calendar>>December 15. 2008 Juche 97
International Unity and Solidarity Called for
Pyongyang, December 13 (KCNA) -- Unity of world independent forces provides a sure guarantee for foiling the imperialists' policy for aggression and their moves for hegemony, and successfully achieving the cause of global independence, says Rodong Sinmun Saturday in a signed article.

Urging the need for all anti-imperialist and independent forces to unite more firmly than ever before now that the imperialists are standing up against the popular masses' cause for independence, the socialist cause in collusion with each other as a coalition force, the article goes on:

Independence is the basis of international unity and relations.

There may be differing ideology and system among the elements that make up the anti-imperialist and independent forces such as the socialist movement, the movement for the liberation of colonial nations, the non-aligned movement and the movement for defending peace, etc. But all of them have the common desire for independence.

The strategy of international unity based on independence serves as an invincible weapon and an eternal banner to be held aloft by the world anti-imperialist and independent forces.

The imperialists are still working hard to foster contradiction, jealousy and discord among the above-said forces and pit them against themselves by splitting and estranging them from each other, chanting the reactionary slogan "divide and rule".

The reality goes to clearly prove that the anti-imperialist and independent forces should frustrate all moves of the imperialists to divide and estrange them from each other and achieve firm unity irrespective of ideology, system and religious belief.

"Let world people advocating independence unite!" This is the slogan for international unity to be put up by all progressives of the world today.

The Korean people will make positive efforts to boost international unity and solidarity with all peoples of the world advocating independence, regarding the unity as a lifeline of the cause of independence against imperialism.

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